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Whether you need to get all of the must-haves for a new kitten arrival, or you want to treat your kitty, this 7 Piece Cat Toy Set is full of feline favorites that are sure to be a hit. The set comes with a small rainbow striped foam ball, a squeaky mouse toy, a wiffle ball with a bell inside, a clear ball with a spinning cat and fish disc inside, a caged wheel with a bell inside, and two canvas catnip dangler toys with bells. Prepare for hours of playtime fun! 

  • A Wonderful 7 Piece Cat Toy Set Filled with Popular Picks
  • Ideal as a Starter Set for New Cat Owners or as a Gift
  • Set Includes: A Rainbow Foam Ball, A Squeaky Mouse Toy, A Wiffle Ball with Bell, A Clear Ball with Spinning Design Inside, A Wheel with Internal Bell, and Two Catnip Toys 
  • Full of Kitty Favorites for Endless Amounts of Entertainment for Your Feline Friend

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Wholesale 7 Piece Cat Toy Set


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