Wholesale Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Ball

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Redirect your kitty's claws from your furniture to this Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Ball. Featuring a carpeted base and a sisal wrapped post and hanging ball, this cat scratcher entices your feline friend to sink their claws into this instead of your couch. Cat scratchers can help your kitty get in a little exercise and are a great way to support nail health by filing the outer layer.

  • A Scratching Post with a Dangling Attached Ball Cats will Love
  • Helps to Satisfy Cat's Natural Urge to Scratch
  • Durable Carpet Base and Sisal Rope Covered Post and Ball
  • Scratching Posts are Ideal for Keeping Nails Healthy and Saving Your Furniture
  • Measures Approximately 10" Tall with a 9.5" Base

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Wholesale Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Ball


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