Wholesale Colorful Tassels Cat Teaser Toy

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One look at this Colorful Tassels Cat Teaser Toy and your kitty will be instantly intrigued by the vibrant colors and movement. Perfect for interactive play, this exciting cat toy features a cord and plastic loop that allows you to dangle the tassel over your cat's head as you watch them jump and swat away, getting some healthy exercise in as well.

  • Imported
  • A Wonderful Brightly Colored Tassel Teaser Cat Toy
  • Attached with a Cord and Plastic Loop for Fun Interactive Play
  • Colorful Fleece Tassels are Made from Soft Fleece for an Enticing Texture Kitties Love
  • Provides Endless Amounts of Entertainment for Your Feline Friend

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Wholesale Colorful Tassels Cat Teaser Toy


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